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I never dreamed about success – I worked for it.

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We Help You Build Your Passive Revenue Business

“Truly an amazing learning experience. I started my distro about 3 months ago and currently have 10 agents and our team is actively growing. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to build a profitable business with very little capital.”

Team Development

Learn the essentials when it comes to recruiting, training, and managing your team. 

Marketing & Strategy

Get the key tactics to optimize your marketing initiatives and growth hack your business.

This Masterclass is designed to be your blueprint for building your Lifeline Distro business.

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Lifeline 101

Grasp a thorough understanding about the Lifeline and ACP programs that power your Lifeline Distribution business. 

Enrollment Training

Learn the customer enrollment process and our speedy system to reduce wait time and improve the customer experience. 

Field Training

Includes everything you need to succeed in the field. From Location training to Outreach Approaches.

Team Management

This module covers team building and management objectives that you need to grow a massive team without getting overwhelmed .

Inventory Management

An essential to managing a profitable distribution. We cover everything you need to know about Inventory Management.

Prepare To Take Your Business To New Heights

A masterclass professionally designed for entrepeneurs looking to build a passive revenue business with very little upfront costs. Our program is designed to take you to the next level in business and professional growth. 

Strategy & Mentorship
Growth Marketing
Team Management
Compliance Training

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We Provide What Your Distro Needs

Every module within our Masterclass contains lessons specifically geared to get your Lifeline Distribution business ahead of the rest. All courses within our masterclass are crafted and supported by industry experts for you to thrive in Lifeline.


Lifeline & ACP Training

Lifeline & ACP Training: Understand the ins and outs of these government funded programs.

Enrollment Strategies

Enrollment Strategies: Learn how to effectively enroll eligible individuals and households.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Know-how: Ensure a seamless supply chain for your business.

The Beginning of Your Lifeline Venture

We’ve piloted many distributions to success using the same key concepts provided throughout our coursework. 

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We’ve bred over 100 distros using our Masterclass.

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Our courses directly resulted in Lifeline enrollments.

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Available Training Package Deals

Our Masterclass is provided in two packages. Both are designed to guide you in building your Lifeline Distro and provide everything you need to get started.

No Capital

We teach you how to start your Lifeline Distro with little-to-no capital.

Live Support

We provide live support for growing teams to ensure your success.

Join Our Webinar for Free Training

Looking to learn more about starting your Lifeline Distro? We host weekly webinars where you can learn how it works and what it takes.

Yes LifelineDistro Works

Hear some success stories from current distributors who completed our masterclass and are currently thriving.

Your Ticket To Building Your Lifeline Distro

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